Join us at the IST Building in November for HackPSU, a 24 hour internal hackathon powered by Innoblue Entrepreneurship and the Penn State Developer Network. 250 Penn State students will collaborate and compete for incredible prizes!


Attend workshops held by industry professionals to get started with a new technology


Work with other students to get hands-on experience prototyping cool apps and projects


Pitch your creation to judges for the chance to win eternal glory (and awesome prizes)


On Saturday, comprehensive workshop tracks will be held.

Android Cybertorium
iOS 203 (East)
Machine Learning 210 (East) (4PM ONLY)


10:00 AM Registration Begins
12:00 PM Opening Ceremony
1:00 PM Lunch/Team Mixer
2:00 PM Hacking Begins!
4:00 PM Workshop #1
5:00 PM MS Paint Battle
6:00 PM Workshop #2
7:00 PM Dinner
8:00 PM Workshop #3
9:00 PM Tesla Coil Light Show


12:00 AM Midnight Snack/Cup Stacking
2:00 AM Hardware Lab Closes
7:00 AM Sunrise Yoga
8:00 AM Breakfast
12:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Hacking Ends/Expo Begins
2:30 PM Top Hacks Demo
3:30 PM Prizes Awarded


Q: What is a hackathon?

A: Hackathons are where your crazy idea becomes reality. Build anything - there are no restrictions on what you can create. Dive in and make the most incredible thing you can alongside fellow creators. While some may see hackers as the crazy ones, we see genius.

Q: Who can participate?

A: Any and all Penn State students from any college or major are eligible. Hackathons are not just for computer science majors!

Q: I can`t code! Should I bother coming?

A: YES. Hackathons are more about learning than anything else. There will be individuals who are experts on pretty much everything from hardware, to software, to Tolkien elvish. There`s really no better place to jumpstart your journey into the wonderful world of code.

Q:What if I don`t have a team or an idea?

A: No problem! Many hackers do not have a fully-formed team or hack concept before the event begins. We will be hosting team-forming activities after hacking begins to help you find the perfect match. Teams can contain up to 5 students.

Q: What can I build?

A: Web, mobile, hardware, you name it. Any type of project is welcome. Projects will be judged based on creativity, technical difficulty, polish, and utility by a panel of industry judges.

Q: Why should I come?

A: A hackathon is a weekend-long nerd party. We will have free food, free swag and free caffiene, along with tons of chances to meet awesome students at Penn State and recruiters from top tech companies. Looking for an internship or full-time job? Make sure you come check it out.

Q: What should I bring?

A: All attendees are required to bring their laptops and a positive attitude!

Q: How much does it cost?

A:4 simple payments of $24.99, and a $50 application fee... Just kidding! HackPSU is completely free for all accepted hackers. We will provide your WiFi, meals, caffeine, swag, workspace, and fun times through the duration of the event.

Q: Can I start programming before the competition?

A:No part of your hack may be started before HackPSU begins. We ask that all hacks are completed within the 24 hour timeslot. You may use any API or free resource available though.


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